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Kim Gilbert & Padre Chrissie Land's End to John o'Groats 

When Nancy Sinatra released ‘These boots are made for walking’, back in January 1966, computers, often referred to as mainframes, lived behind closed doors in vast air-conditioned computer rooms. Mobile phones, like the ones we enjoy today, had not been invented and wireless was something that we listened to and even Granny knew how to operate it!
What has this to do with a ‘Little old lady walks to Scotland’ and Chrissie running and walking a virtual ‘Land’s End to John o’Groats’ (LEJOG) whilst stationed in the Middle East? Well, the answer lies in the technology that enables such endurance feats to be monitored and reported promptly across counties, countries and continents. Using an application called Strava, Kim Gilbert is able to track her daily activity and each day can post her progress on her JustGiving page . As at time of writing - 11th May, Kim has completed over 530 miles, left Offa’s Dyke behind and is close to Nantwich, Cheshire. Take a look at the JustGiving page to see her route and some photos taken along the way. You will also notice her amazing sponsorship, which now has reached £3,537. Chrissie has set her target distance for her virtual LEJOG at 1200 miles and (at time of writing) has completed 766 miles. Chrissie has used an application that takes her distance covered in the Middle East and plots where she would be, should she be doing the LEJOG in the UK. Her current position is just above Newcastle!
Both Chrissie and Kim are doing really well. However, I know that both have had their high and low points over their respective journeys. As with any type of endurance event the constant physical activity will usually take its toll. Chrissie has a hip injury and has not been able to run for over a month and will probably have to walk the remainder. Some of the lows for Kim are getting wet, sore feet and being over ambitious! So, what are a few of the highpoints? Well for Chrissie, who is a Padre with the RAF, seeing a desert fox pack for a few days and working her way through some great podcasts on various books of The Bible are her highlights. For Kim, random acts of kindness from complete strangers, staying at the homes of Tearfund supporters and having her luggage transported, people’s generosity and the beautiful scenery of England in April and May.
So, by now you may be wondering why? Why, put yourself through so much hard work and pain? Well, Kim, supported by Chrissie is raising money for Tearfund which is a Christian charity that tackles poverty and injustice and partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. I think Chrissie sums this up very eloquently when she says…
I’ve been pondering on what motivates us, especially with something like an endurance activity (or even getting through the pandemic). For me it has been focusing on why and for who I am doing this for, and that when I have my low moments to share with others to glean off their support and be in a community which helps to rebuild resilience. I am sure Kim would echo these sentiments too.
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