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Kim Gilbert & Padre Chrissie Land's End to John o'Groats  

Following on from the two previous articles, I am sure you will be wondering where Kim and Chrissie are by now. Well, the good news is that Kim is now in Scotland at Moffat, as at 09/06/2022.
Chrissie who is doing a virtual Land’s End to John o’Groats (LEJOG) of 1200 miles, whilst stationed in the Middle East, has now completed 1087 miles and if you overlay this distance onto a map of a LEJOG route, Chrissie is at Alness as at 09/06/2022. Kim, supported by Chrissie is raising money for Tearfund and a target of £5,000 had been set for the walk. Already the donations stand at £4,793 and there are still more miles to cover so my guess is that this target will be smashed!
I have been following Kim and Chrissie’s progress and recognise the sheer size of the challenge that they have taken on. You cannot fail to be impressed by what they are doing!! It made me reflect on the attributes that Kim and Chrissie are demonstrating and I see these as the three Cs: Courage, Commitment, Calm.
Courage: The courage it takes to announce their challenge. I imagine Kim and Chrissie thinking: Hey, no going back now! I’ve just told everyone I’m going to do it. People will think I’m crazy. What if I fail!!! Raise £5000, is that a bit over ambitious? Planning, what! I don’t even know where I’m going to sleep some nights. Grinding out those miles whilst stationed in the Middle East, in these insane temperatures – Yes, I must be mad!! I guess it does sound mad, but what a fantastic achievement and takes real Courage.
Commitment: In order to complete their challenge Kim and Chrissie are both committed to putting in mileage each day, with only rare exceptions. Not waking up and saying, ‘Oh I don’t think I fancy it today.’ Each day they move a small amount closer to the finish line. One day’s mileage may not account for a great distance (say 14 miles) but add the days together and you soon start to get some impressive results. ( Kim now in Scotland; Chrissie completed 1087 miles).
Calm: There will be a raft of issues to resolve; wrecked running shoes due to harsh desert terrain, Kim travelling light as, ‘if I want it, I have to carry it.’ Chrissie managing the pressures and deadlines of her work whilst taking on the challenge. Aches and pains from the constant, day after day, travelling on foot. Dealing with the weather, ridiculously hot for Chrissie and for Kim, well we all know what the UK weather can throw at you. Kim and Chrissie, have tackled the challenge in a very measured and calm way, being ready for all eventualities.
I see these are the attributes that could be used to tackle the challenges, big or small, that we may face in our daily lives. The room that needs decorating; that overgrown garden to clear; the shed or attic to declutter that I have been putting off for years; that fitness level I really want to achieve. Think of how Kim and Chrissie have tackled their challenge as you embark on yours. I know I will when I tackle the shed!!
See Padre Chrissie at work in the Middle East as she leads A service for Pentecost celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by copying the following link into your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer)
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